On my way to AWESOME!!!!!!

I've graduated with my masters degree in animation and have no real job (just a nice little part-time perfection at UCLA admissions), and yet I do not feel lost or free falling or anything. For some strange reason I feel perfectly cradled in a little time-sack arranged perfectly for me to organize myself and my artwork so that I may continue the pursuit of my dream career. Any time I start to question or lose confidence, I just remind myself that life is short, time is limited, and the joy of our life is just out there waiting for us to grab it. All we have to do is work for it, and keep working for it. My problem, as always, has been focus, but I'm working on it and getting better.

Enjoy, my friends, my Animation Demo Reel and my Thesis Film (with full music still TBD, but temp music works too). My Website is also up, as a works in progress.... Please enjoy!


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