So many feelings!

The Festival of Animation went off without a hitch on Saturday night and has since been dubbed by many to be THE BEST PROM EVER! Hooray! The days and days and days on end of physical labor and mental anguish had not been spent in vain! I had so much fun with my fellow prom organizers and every one of the 40 volunteers who helped make this night possible.

Biggest Props to my partners in crime, Adam Holmes and Natalie Xavier.

Screening my thesis was completely overshadowed by putting on a show for 600 guests, and I'm just fine with that. Being a producer of this festival is just as important to me and my career interests as my animation, although I will say I cannot wait to get back to the drawing board, literally.

Now on to graduation, upon which, maybe then I'll be forced to explore my true feelings on leaving my amazing and magical creative home of the last three years and onto bigger and stranger things out there in the big wide world......


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