Aloha! Mahalo! OHANA! etc....

Now that my "issues" post for the year has been written (see below!) ready for some more light-hearted fun.

Drew this picture a few days ago for my friends and close ones dealing with forever confusing and confounding dating lives.

Then read an article about the phenomenon (or plague, depending on how you look at it) at long term dating before marriage. What do you guys think about love? So many are split between the soul mate/good enough argument. I like to sway towards "never settle for anything less than a fairy tale" but I'm a pretty practical gal with feet on the ground who knows when to bend and when to put her foot down. I guess you never know until you know, right? And even then, the story changes every day.

Tomorrow I am allowing/forcing myself out of the stress and anticipation that comes from launching my career post grad school and flying to Kona, Hawaii with my best gal pal, Danielle aka my wife. Due to her awesome genius brain and awesome mathematic consulting job (in addition to a thirst for travel and adrenaline rush), her frequent flyer miles covered our trip to the Big Island for four days and some change. Looking forward to relaxing and breathing in some sweet pineapple and sugar cane air.

Aloha! See you in LA when I return! July will be the beginning of a real brand new chapter in the magical world of Jenny SRP.


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