Love is truly in the air... even when single. Very very single.

Thanks to a ton of self-empowering and inspiring dreams last night, my very single Valentine's day was off to a good start. I always know it's a good day when I can create some art. As cheesy and silly as it is, my little chocolate covered Ewe really set the tone for a great day.

I saw that the weather was the best it's been in a while, and knew I had to get out into the sun. By 11:30 I was ready and grabbed a towel, not sure where I was going but knowing I had to go somewhere. I headed down 10 West and was determined to find a sunny lovely spot to sit and contemplate and soak up some fresh sea air. The beach made me feel like I was truly surrounded by love. I listened to all the people around me telling their different stories in different languages and knew they were all having the same conversations. I was in bliss and really felt some good love from within bubbling up all for myself. There is nothing better than surf and sun and sand to set everything right.

I got home and then my friend Natalie magically showed up and we were ready to enjoy a silly movie and some delicious food, and now I'm home perfectly fat and happy and feeling all the love in the world.... or is that a sunburn?

Either way, it feels pretty good. =)

(update two days later)
On second thought, Valentine's day was the sahara desert of emotion.


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