Film School FOREVAH! (noo!)

This quarter I've had the privilege and horror(did I say horror? I meant... honor...) of completing some necessary requirements as part of my MFA degree, and the class of choice is Cinematography. The class (in theory) is absolutely awesome and inspiring. It makes me fall in love with film again every week. That is, until, I actually have to start making films.

I love film. I love the people who make films. I love that people live their lives to create this art. But I am not built for making live action films. You have five hours of hauling, moving, lifting, lighting, setting, rehearsing, walking, climbing, yelling, discussing, cleaning, prepping, and all other sorts of manual labor for just 30 seconds or so of filming. Yes you could compare this to the grueling mental labor of animation (12 hours for 10 seconds of animation!? That's optimistic!), but the manual labor of live action is quite literally KILLING ME!

Never-the-less, I am learning totally valuable and necessary aspects of film making that will certainly help with my animation. Film is a lot harder than it looks, people.

I have had a TON of fun working with my friends and classmates on their projects. Us animators like to use props and costumes and silly situations and we have had a really good time working together. I appreciate you, Friends!

And I appreciate you, Filmmakers!!! Now if only they were required to make an animated film.....


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